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Sheffield, England - 5th March 2006: Studio Trophis announces its upcoming title "For The Game" and the release of "the white chamber: international edition", an updated version of the debut hit.


For The Game

For The Game is a story driven action adventure game for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Players control Lee Emery as he enters "The Galactic Games" in an attempt to prove himself the galaxy's greatest game player. Along the way Lee will face a variety of game challenges and be confronted by the darker side of gaming.

This mysterious twisting adventure will be released as six web-episodes available fortnightly as a free download from the Studio Trophis site. We are currently planning on having the first episode available at the end of March, though this date is currently tentative.

the white chamber

Since the original version of the white chamber was released for free download in March 2005 it has received overwhelming positive critical response and has been played by over 50,000 gamers worldwide. The New York Times described it as "Grisly and intriguing, with logical puzzles and surprising plot twists".

Now available for free download from our website is the new "international edition" which includes the game text localised into 5 languages (English, French, Czech, Russian, and Greek). Other new features include English voice acting, four new endings and a selection of bug fixes making this a much more complete game experience.

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Studio Trophis

Studio Trophis is an independent production company based in Sheffield, England focused on producing video games and feature animations. Our work is inspired by Japanese anime, manga and video games along with the best of contemporary films from around the world.


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